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 How Can You Earn Scholarship Money?

 Send A Greeting Card!

Did you know that when you send greeting cards through 'Send Out Cards', 50% of what you spend per month goes to the MBP Healthy Living Youth Scholarship Program and out of the 50% earned by us, your child will receive half towards their scholarship account. Would you like for your child, grandchild, niece, nephew, cousin,godchild to be a participant? Then click on the Cap.

Scholarship Program

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What is SendOutCards?

SendOutCards is an Internet-based service that is changing people’s lives. Do you ever go to the store to buy a paper greeting card? If you do … read on!

Profiled in 2009 as one of the fastest growing companies in the country today by Inc 500 magazine, when you need to send a card to someone, go online to the SendOutCards site where you’ll find 15,000 cards in 50 different categories. Or, make your own card from a digital picture. You can upload pictures inside of the card, too. How cool is that!

Choose your card, write your personal message, and click “SEND”!  That’s it!! SendOutCards then prints, addresses, stuffs, seals and stamps the card with a real first-class stamp and mails it for you at the Post Office, all for about a dollar. You never touch a piece of paper, printer, stamp or envelope or have to drive to the card store or post office. Send one card or hundreds of the same card with a single mouse click. All this for less than the cost of a nice greeting card at the store!

The system even tells you when someone’s birthday is coming up … 7 days ahead … so you’ll actually get a card to them on time.

You can even include a Gift Card or send a Gift with your personalized card.  Oh, and did I mention that you get your own handwriting font and signatures with your account? 

Call me to schedule a time to activate a trial account,

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