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Did you know that when you purchase any product from this website, 50% of what is earned by MBP Healthyliving inc. goes towards the MBP Healthy Living Youth Scholarship Program and out of the 50% earned by us, your child will receive half towards their scholarship account. Is your child, grandchild, niece, nephew,cousin a participant? Would you like for them to be one? Then click the cap...

Note: By shopping on this website, you can receive a tax right off .

MBP Scholarship Program

Here at MBP Healthy Living Inc.

We support MBP Healthy Living Youth Scholarship Program. The name created for this program is based upon inspiring individual progression, competitiveness, and educational success. MBP stands for 'Most Beautiful Person' within, which is to cultivate individual self-esteem. It is dedicated in cultivating, nurturing all its participants in the progression towards their educational future. A healthy mind leads to a healthy body. We want to nurture our future generation towards the success of a healthy mind and body.

Our Philosphy

Is giving back to the community. We want to support our future generation by offering annual scholarships that will assist them in advancing in their future education. Children from infancy and beyond can qualify for these scholarships by becoming active participants of the program. This program is dedicated in assisting all students who become participants to prepare them to be more responsible in being their own advocate in obtaining their own scholarship dollars.  It takes a community to send one student for a higher education. Parents, guardians, teachers, school counselors, coaches etc create a community that can encourage, motivate and prepare their students to take on the responsibility and dedication of obtaining their own funding for a higher education. From this concept, students should be taking on more of an active and responsible role as well in order to establish their own academic career.  The way they can play a more active and responsible role is by preparing themselves to search for scholarship dollars.  This program will help them in their quest.

Our Goal

Is to prepare our future generation to be successful in achieving their goals and aspirations towards a higher education. To teach them the literary standards of writing and comprehension in order to ensure that they have a competitive edge when it comes to the preparation process for a higher education through outreach programs. Middle to high school students are able to receive pertinent information early on that will assist and prepare them for what awaits them as they progress towards higher education. At MBP Healthy Living Youth Scholarship Program (MBPHLYSP), we're dedicated in transforming our future to reach their ultimate goals.

 Thank You.


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MBP Healthy Living Youth Scholarship Program

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This organization practices equal opportunity and affirmative action for all under the guidance and regulations of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commissions (EEOC).